Wood Plumb Contractors, Inc.


Wood Plumb Services offers all types of solution for your pipeline issues. The remodeling works are also associated with it along with the water heater and other installations. Trap replacements are also made for all the recirculating the systems. Some of the exclusive services offered are replacement of sinks and bath tubs, garbage disposal system, forced air heating and other remodeling of the projects. You might have experienced noisy pipes while urging to work so you must have a number noted and this is especially for the home owners.
The founder of the Wood Plumb Services Company, a Plumbing and Heating service provider with vast experience, frequently promotes his edification in plumbing and heating skill in the following fields.

Cleaning of septic tanks are done by our company and this is quite expensive. For the faucet leakage the service has to be made immediately and the charges are separate for this. Feel free to call us at 831-633-6145  to discuss about fair pricing. The rain water harvesting systems are also installed which is nowadays necessary for both the residential and commercial buildings. We assure for a friendly service and timely delivery for all kinds of work.

Even the branded products are obtained for repair along with the sewage lines. The damaged pipes can withstand for a longer time as far as the issues are concerned. The clogged kitchen is very difficult to maintain and we help you to install the garbage disposal systems. All the plumbing fixtures are made by Wood Plumb Services located in the Carmel and surrounding areas.

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